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Replacement Lost and Stolen Keys

Lost your keys? Bag stolen? Call us and we'll secure the car and replace your keys

Need new keys?

Steps to replace a key

Picking and Opening

Using specialist equipment we first pick the lock gaining access to the vehicle without causing any damage.


We then decode the lock to calculate shape (the cuts) of the original key

Using our computer controlled key cutting machine we cut a new key on location
Key Programming
Using our advanced diagnostic equipment we program your newly created key, remote control and the appropriate transponder into your car. Finally we test your new key and remote to ensure everything works as it should.

We replace keys on location so no need to pay to have your vehicle towed or expensive dealership fees.

We can replance keys and remotes for many brands. We also provide replacement fobs for many keyless systems including Renault key cards.

We all also remove lost or stolen keys from your vehicle so they can no longer be used to start your car.

Call now on 07706340033 to make an appointment or for a free quote.

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